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I.V. Infusion Therapy


modMD offers I.V. Infusion Therapy in the comfort of your own home. A registered nurse will come to your location and administer the treatment, which can be customized based on your symptoms. The total treatment time is approximately 90 minutes and ranges from $249-299 depending on your selected infusion options.

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COVID-19 Symptoms - $299

INGREDIENTS: IV Fluids, Electrolytes, B Complex, Vitamin C, Zofran, Toradol


Are you feeling miserable, achy, nauseous, and exhausted from COVID? Manage your COVID symptoms with I.V. therapy to get you on the mend. IV hydration therapy to restore your body to healthy hydration levels. IV vitamins to boost your immune system and help fight off Covid 19. We use IV medications to reduce your headache, body aches and sore throat.  We also have medication to help with Nausea and vomiting as needed. If you are a candidate for Paxlovid, we can have that called in for you as well to help decrease the severity and duration of your illness. Let us help you get back on your feet faster.

Migraine Headaches - $299

INGREDIENTS: IV fluids, electrolytes, anti nausea medications, anti inflammatory pain medication


Do you suffer from migraines? No one has time to be down for the count with a migraine headache. This blend of IV fluids, anti nausea and pain medication will get you back to business and feeling like yourself again. It is the bread and butter recipe used in Emergency rooms across the country, reliable, effective and easy.

Immunity Boost - $299

INGREDIENTS: IV fluids, electrolytes, B complex vitamins, B12, Vitamin C


Your immune system works hard to protect your body. So why not ensure that your body has everything it needs to fight illness? Nobody has time to be sick so get ahead of the cold or flu by getting an immunity boost either preventatively or at first signs of symptoms. This blend of IV fluids, vitamins and antioxidants will help supercharge your immune system to fight off illness.

Hydration - $249

INGREDIENTS: IV Fluids, Electrolytes


If you're experiencing dehydration from a food-borne illness, diarrhea or heat exhaustion, I.V. hydration therapy can quickly restore your body to a healthy hydration level.  Drinking water can help refresh and replenish you, but not as much as IV hydration therapy which goes directly into your bloodstream. This drip Includes a blend of IV fluids and electrolytes formulated for quick hydration, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed. Additionally, we can add vitamin boosters to our Hydration IV Treatment to deliver extra health benefits.


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